Fitting Your New Martingale Collar

9:20 AM PST, 1/20/2012

I have heard from a couple of customers recently wondering how to properly fit their new martingale on their dog. Follow these steps, and if you still need help, please email me. 1. Hold the collar so that the Warm Wags tag is facing you. 2. Now you should have "two layers of collar" on each side of the tag to form the loop that will go over their head. 3. Now, the collar might be on the smallest setting. If so, slide the one silver triglide to open the collar more. Keep it so there are still two layers of collar in your right hand. (But as you slide it there will be one part that is only one layer as it gets larger.) 4. Put it over the dogs' heads and readjust the same triglide for a snugger fit. 5. The loop that contains the D-ring should be doubled up and flush against your dog's neck, not hanging down in front in an O shape. Please email me at if you are having problems. I am always happy to help!

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