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1:03 PM PST, 1/10/2010

Back by popular demand... rain coats will be back on the menu. I sold 100% waterproof 200 denier nylon raincoats last year, and since then people have been asking about them, so I am in the process of gathering my materials again, and seeing what colors I still have.

I can of course make these coats to fit, or some customers have asked for them to be a bit bigger to fit over a fleece coat. These raincoats are lined with flannel, so will be nice and soft for short-haired dogs, and a lightweight coat for the warmer Spring temps.

Be sure to email any questions!  Here is a fellow from Greece with his Dane in its rain coat from last year:


  • fe02man said:

    All your great coats are worn by Great Danes!

    Posted: 8:32 AM PST, 11/2/2010

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