Why Dog Coats?

4:17 PM PST, 11/22/2009

I started to sew coats for dogs several years ago when I was cleaning out the house and looking for things to list on eBay. I found one of my greyhound's coats that he no longer used and I thought- Hey, I think I can make these! I have owned three wonderful greyhounds, starting in 1994 with our Charley.

Since then my coats have evolved. I make coats for dogs of all sizes, and I love all of the different projects. I use anti-pill and blizzard fleece as well as fluffy sherpa for the coats that I make. I have made several insulated raincoats through custom orders out of waterproof nylon as well. I love to pick out fabrics and have lots of fleece, sherpa, and nylon in stock.

** I periodically donate to animals charities as I can with some of the profits from my sales. I am passionate about animal protection and just cannot tolerate cruelty in any way. If you are from a rescue group that is listed on the missionfish website, let me know, I will happily run an auction to benefit your group. I also have sent coats to many greyhound groups seeking donations to their fundraisers or auctions. Contact me and we can discuss this.

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