• Winter 2010

    7:05 PM PST, 10/1/2009

    Welcome to Warm Wags!

    As you can see I am not much of a blogger, and haven't updated my blog since last year.  Anyway, I am so happy that you are taking a minute to check out my coats and new collars and leashes. Ordering is easy. Once you choose the right size listing for your pet, I just need its three specific measurements (back length, around the deepest part of the chest, and neck) , top two fabric choices, and breed and gender are helpful to know as well.

    I ask for your top two fabrics just in case I am running low on a certain one. I try hard to always stock the fabrics that I have in my pictures, but sometimes it is out of my control. If that is the case, I try to replace that one with a new equally appealing fabric.

    I consider myself very easy to work with, so please don't hesitate to ask if you have a specific request. I have worked with many people on custom coats, and to be honest, I love a challenge!